Verified Customer Ratings

What's Your Customer Satisfaction Score?

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The results will help you increase revenues.

Our Process

We call customers
Zundle calls your customers and asks questions in an approved script. Their responses reveal areas that need improvement.

You see results online
Log into Zundle’s real time portal to see the results. Select a date range to view the compiled results, by question. Click on any response to see whose survey it’s from, then download any survey to review details.

We'll identify problems
Comments and responses will show where improvements are needed.

You'll solve them
Call unhappy customers, and make it right.

Revenues will increase
Watch your business grow!

Calling versus Emails

Calling works better

Why? If anything is unclear, we can ask for details. Usually, customers who respond to an email survey provide lower scores overall than customers who are called. An email seems to attract the unhappy customers, so you can focus on what to fix, but it’s difficult to see what you’re doing right.

Phone surveys provide a better sample, too, with a take rate of 97% by phone, once we reach someone (and we usually do for about 1/3 of the calls). Responses to email survey are much, much lower—often as low as 0.5%.

Our Methodology

Zundle uses the Net Promoter Score®
After a few questions about their specific experience, your customers are asked:

How likely are you to refer the company to friends and colleagues, on a scale of 0 to 10, with 0 indicating not at all likely, and 10, extremely likely?

How to Use the Results

Correct the problems

With our calling scripts, we identify exactly what the problems are. Once you know what is wrong, it’s usually easy to correct the problems. Your score increases as you implement improvements.

How Do You Compare to
Other Companies?

See how you stack up against your competitors

Zundle provides a compiled score for all participating companies. We also show scores by type of company. You can see exactly how you rate, compared to your competitors.

How to Improve

Make it right

Most of the companies we work with monitor responses closely to identify problems quickly. If there’s a negative score or comment, call the customer and find out what happened. Most customers are extremely appreciative of the responsiveness and effort, and most become very loyal customers after the experience ... versus leaving, which is what often happens if you don’t contact them.